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Hello! I'm Josh Cannons. System administrator, Open-Source enthusiast, devout Linux user and part-time code slinger. For the last four years, I have been providing part-time freelance IT support in the Far North region for a variety of small business.

While focusing on Linux as a development platform, I have worked extensively with Windows server and desktop systems in a professional capacity and believe in a pragmatic approach to Information Technology.

Even though I have always found freelance work challenging and varied, without exposure to more experienced professionals it has been difficult to find avenues of growth through collaboration, mentoring or simply watching a master at work.

It is because of this that I now seek to leverage my acquired skill set within a team environment.

I specialise in

Linux and Windows System Administration

Security Hardening and Digital Forensics

Network Configuration and Auditing

Development and Management of Secure Cloud Services

Professional Skills

Linux Administration and Support 80%
Windows Administration and Support 69%
Hardware Implementation and Configuration 83%
Java, PHP and MySQL Development 60%
Incident Investigation 67%
Network Configuration and Security 80%
Documentation and Configuration Management 78%
Data Recovery and Backup Management 79%
DevOps 66%
Digital Forensic Investigation 74%

Technical Skills


  • Configuration, management and support of various platforms including Windows Server 2008-2012, FreeBSD, CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu
  • Design, implement and maintain small business IT infrastructure including the provisioning of server and workstation hardware, network printers, software applications and cloud services
  • Develop and implement secure and distributed business services on bare-metal systems, virtualization or via Docker including LAMP stacks and database applications
  • WAN and LAN implementation and troubleshooting supported by a broad understanding of network technologies and protocols including, Implementation of Cisco and Draytek proprietary equipment
  • Understanding of essential Unix/Linux commands for the purpose of system monitoring, security and performance profiling and system auditing
  • Highly detailed system and infrastructure documentation including configuration, performance monitoring and support data


  • Review, assess and document vulnerabilities to improve the security of networks and information systems
  • Strong knowledge of TCP/IP and Networking protocols including active packet capture and analysis
  • Safeguard network assets and confidential data from unauthorized access, modification, destruction or disclosure though the development of security policies and the management of user access, firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Provide accurate and timely incident analysis/response with detailed reporting


  • A rich understanding of current Privacy Laws and the social and ethical aspects of digital investigations and security analysis
  • Broad knowledge of computer security topics such as digital forensics, incident response, application security and malware analysis
  • Experience wiping/destroying, imaging, verifying and validating media to all industry and court-approved standards using hardware and software based forensic tools
  • Configuration and application of physical and virtual write-blocking technology
  • Firm understanding of hexadecimal code and file structures, headers and footers including the creation of custom binary to assist in file carving


  • Design and development of standalone and enterprise applications using Java EE, SQL, PHP, Asp.NET and HTML/CSS
  • Manage projects with Git, Redmine and Slack to co-ordinate team based application development
  • Audit code to identify and mediate possible security flaws including input validation, SQL injection and buffer overflow issues


Licensed Private Investigator

Queensland Police Service

License Number - 4000686
Queensland Police



Docker Deep Dive

Linux Academy


Learning Chef DevOps Deployment

Linux Academy


Linux Academy Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Prep Course

Linux Academy


Certificate III in Investigative Services

OCA Tafe

2013 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree - Information Technology (Network Security)

CQ University


Diploma of Information Technology (Network Administration)

TNQ Tafe


2016 - Ongoing


System Administrator

Develop and maintain network and server architecture for a variety of clients

2013 - 2015


System Technician

Small business network, server and desktop support, providing professional advice and support for both new and existing infrastructure

2012 - 2013


Technical Support

Provided IT support and maintenance to small business and home users


GP Patients

GP Patients

Web Site

GP Patients

A simple php website to manage patients at a General Practice

Temperature Converter

Temperature Converter


Temperature Converter

The goal of this project was to develop Web Services applications to allow clients to convert temperature unit from any scale.

The web service server provides functions to convert temperature from one unit to another. The web service client read users’ request from the web form and invoke the functions from the web service server to get results.


Server Settingsr


Server Settings

This document provide an example of server/system documentation. Included is a small sample of servers with their basic configuration information and system documentation.


Australian Computer Society

Australian Information Security Association

Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers

Golden Key Honor Society

FreeBSD Foundation

Linux Foundation


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